Friday, November 11, 2016

Veteran's Day

Today the neighbor kids are home and they have been making cookies. I could hear their laughter and I started to wonder if they knew why they had the day off from school. Then I started to think about my cousin, a veteran, and how I could maybe brighten his day. I felt a little silly sending a card. "Is it even worthwhile?" I wondered. I called up my Mum and she told me that no one has ever hated being told that they are appreciated. So I sat down, painted a flag on a thank-you card, and wrote what I admired about him and his commitment to our country.

It is only a small thing to do, but if you have a veteran in your life, I hope you all might be inspired to let them know that they are valued.


Monica said...

No small thing. Handmade with love and admiration = priceless. You are special, Audry.

my sisters knitter said...

To tell someone they are valued is a big thing. It is what makes this so special. :)

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