Friday, November 4, 2016

Pumpkin Farm, Haystack Maze, and The Ill Advised Haunted House

I hadn't really been more than 15 minutes from our apartment for nearly a month. My buddy Jackie had asked us way back in May if we wanted to go to her favorite pumpkin patch when the time came. I still wasn't feeling great, but I was also getting a bit stir crazy from being homebound for so long. So two days before Halloween, we drove over to the farm.

I'd never been to a pumpkin farm before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It turns out that this farm had a bunch of things to do. There was a haunted house... which I got talked into. I'll admit that at the first sign of a spooky person saying they would "come and get" us, I told them that they could have Jackie. There was also a corn maze. When Connor saw that he announced decisively, "I want to do the maze." It was a really good one, too. They had six entrances to get in and more than one worked. There were also false doors, which would influence the correct path to the end.

We made it out alive, which was good, since we still needed to pick out our pumpkins.

Jackie told us that she had always wanted to carve Burt and Ernie from Sesame Street into a pair of pumpkins, but never had. I was all for it, so we searched for the correct Burt and Ernie shaped pumpkins.

Jackie decided she also wanted an Oscar the Grouch pumpkin. Finding the right pumpkin took some serious thought.

We were so tired from all the fun we had that we didn't carve our pumpkins until the next day. We drew our own renditions of each character. I think they came out pretty great. 
Left to right: Oscar the Grouch, Ernie, and Burt

Jackie took her pumpkin home while Connor and I took ours to my parents' house. The trick-or-treaters really got a kick out of our pumpkins. I'm glad Jackie shared her fun idea with us.


Anonymous said...

I showed Eric your pumpkins. He says they are both cool and hilarious at the same time. Very good renditions, I say!

Anonymous said...

Those Burt and Ernie pumkins look ah-mazing!

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