Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spinning All The Things

My Ravellenic project this year was going to be spinning a 3 ply sock yarn on my spindle. I was making really good time on it, but after having a bit of a design emergency, the project sat. I just wasn't motivated to finish once the Olympics had ended. However, my desire for the yarn grew, so yesterday I finished off the second bump of wool. I only have one more to go before plying! 
Greenwood Fiberworks sock roving in the Enchanted colorway

Unfortunately, after finishing the second bump I tried to slip it off the spindle onto a knitting needle and it didn't go well. I had no problem the first time. I'm not sure what changed. Tyler suggested I wind off all the yarn with my ball winder. It took a couple hours, but I was able to rescue the yarn without having to cut any of it. (I won't lie... I did get close to making fiber confetti.) Now the singles live on toilette paper tubes... because that is all I could think of putting them on after winding them.

I hadn't spun yarn on my wheel in quite some time because I don't feel like I should start another project for the wheel without finishing the epic blanket project I've been working on for the last few years. But you know how that goes: no spinning of any kind has gotten done. I'm too stubborn to break the arbitrary no-new-wheel-projects rule I've made for myself. Having such a big project still sit around really started to bother me, so I spun the singles and plied this beast of a skein in one day.

And now that it is done, I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I think I have one more skein beast and one slightly smaller skein to go before I am done with the spinning! 


savannahchik said...

i can't wait to see your finished sock yarn! i think they'll be 3 plies that will all be variegated, right? kinda like some Trekking yarns?

Anonymous said...

Oh, that sock yarn is going to be gorgeous! Do you have a pattern in mind for it?

Andi G said...

Beautiful spinning!

Unknown said...

I love seeing spinning posts! Your singles look lovely. I've never had success slipping a cop off onto something else, I always have to unwind onto toilet paper tubes or Bobbins Up plastic bobbins that you attach to a hand drill and spin quickly so they make the winding process SO MUCH FASTER.

Unknown said...

Great spinning! Both for the future socks and the huge skein!

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