Tuesday, March 5, 2013

California Coast Road Trip Pt.2

Morning broke at Fort Bragg. After breakfast, we checked out of our hotel and hurried down to Glass Beach. Glass Beach used to be the dump at Fort Bragg. It was cleaned up, but the glass was left. Over time the waves smoothed each sharp piece into a pebble.

It's prohibited to take glass from the beach. We tried to see how many shades of glass we could find, although once we were done we left it behind for the next person to enjoy.

On our way out of Fort Bragg I saw glass jellyfish in the window of a building. A quick U-turn took us to the Glass Fire gallery. The owners were in their studio making another beautiful jellyfish. We watched nearly the whole process. Buster and Trish are amazing artists. They kindly explained different parts of their process. If you ever have a chance to visit, it is worth the time.

After watching a jellyfish being born, it was hard not to leave without one. Dad got a Moon Jelly. I got myself one of the abalone pottery pieces. One day, if my budget ever allows it, I'd love to get one of the jellyfish lamps. They let us know that they ship worldwide. I'd better start saving.

The rest of our drive down Highway 1 was pretty uneventful. Although we did reach the Marin headlands at the perfect time. The sun was setting as I got this image.

Despite living fairly close to the Golden Gate my entire life, I've never gotten a jumping picture... until now. It took a few tries to get a good shot. I had initially forgotten to tuck in my shirt. It was less than flattering.

Darkness crept in as we crossed. I got the shot I had always wanted to, but never had the right lens for. It doesn't look like it, but we were nearly under the tower when I took this. And it doesn't matter how many times you cross it; the bridge is always impressive.

We picked up Scooter that night from our friend's house. He was a good house guest. Thank goodness.


Anonymous said...

Those glass jellyfish are amazing! I'm not surprised it was hard to resist them. Thanks for the great photos.

Maryse said...

Nice colorful pictures as usual! The Golden Gate pictures are excellent!

Anonymous said...

My mum would go crazy at that beach not being able to take the beachglass away!

Pumpkin said...

Hooray for part 2! Yet again you have made me so homesick for California, I love the Golden Gate Bridge, no actually I love the whole area! The glass art is so amazing, especially the larger one (I'm guessing your dad's?). Beach glass is so pretty, it makes lovely jewelry, but as you mentioned it looks even better on the beach.

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