Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just Keep Spinning

I decided to spend a day or two spinning to get my mind off of all the problems I was having with some designs. Plus, I had to start using all the knowledge I'd gained at Lambtown.

This fiber is BFL from Twisted Sunshine. The color way doesn't have an official name, but I think I'll call it Merlot. It reminds me of the deep hue merlot grapes have.

I also finished up all the practice yarn from Lambtown. The white yarn I left as singles. They were made using a long draw (aka the beer draw). The other two skeins were made using various different drafting techniques, but I went ahead and chain plied them. They are practice skeins, and I still need to practice my chain plying.


Andi G said...

Looks lovely Audrey! Sometimes it is good to switch your mindset to helo clear up the head! :)
Good luck.

Alina Sayre said...

You are just so cool, Audry! I really like the lighting on the top photograph.

Anonymous said...

They don't look like practice skeins to me! They look like proper yarn :D

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