Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No Longer Having A Yarn Emergency

When I was in New Zealand, back in September, I bought 10 balls of Tui to make a sweater. After casting on for the sweater, I decided that it wasn't my style, so I cast on for a different one. What I hadn't thought about is that I might not have enough yarn. (Yes, that is a big oversight. And yes, I felt stupid.) Seeing how I can't just fly over to New Zealand at any old time, I asked a favor. One that I wasn't sure would work out. But thanks to a blogging friend, Kiwiyarn Knits, I have enough yarn for my sweater!

She went out of her way to get me one more ball of Tui. And whats more, she sent me some stitch markers that she made. I've never had proper stitch markers. I always have used bits of yarn. There may have been an audible gasp when I ripped open the parcel.

I sent something back, of course. I'd been waiting to post it here because I didn't want to give away the surprise. I spun up a 2oz moonrover mystery batt. I love my moonrover batts, but this one truly could not have gone to a better person.


AC said...

I had the exact same issue with some NZ yarn...haven't quite resolved it yet, actually. Glad the story has a happy ending!

rosieposie said...

just saw your mini interview on zoe's blog (i was featured too) and your idea of jumping into yarn - wowee i wish i had that idea. i love knitting and yarn and all things crafty too :-)
going to take a look at your blog now

rosieposie said...

hey i'm just replying here to your lovely comment on your blog - let me know the anne of green gables pattern you come up with! i love the stories so much. plus as i said on my earlier comment, i love to knit. and yes the cakes were made with cadbury flakes - i can give you the recipe if you would like? or i can post it on my blog.
it's great how zoe's feature enables us to find great new blogs to read :-)

A Lost Feather said...

i love blog friends :) that is so great that she was able to help you out!

i thought of you the other day when i was in a craft store and passed by the yarn section! (is it even called a yarn section?!)

juicyknits said...

Yay for knitting friends across the globe!

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