Friday, April 22, 2011

Move Over 365 Project, Here Is My 730 Project

Today marks the two year anniversary of the day I started writing my diary comic. That's right. For the last two years I have drawn a three panel comic of what I was up to that day. I now have three sketchbooks filled with 730 comics. That's 2,190 panels!

It started off as a project to help me de-stress from school. I could spend days building a cube (or something else that seems rather pointless) for a class. I'd feel like I hadn't accomplished anything. By doing a comic a day, I felt like I had done one creative thing. (My housemate also started a comic, but went about 6 months before he decided it wasn't for him. He still does rad drawings though, which he posts at Skellington's Day Out.)

The rules were simple. Three panels, black and white, and no penciling. I just freehand draw the panels and comics. It takes about 5-10 minutes each day to complete. Also, I made a point to recount only positive things. I wanted to only remember the positive. Or at least, mostly positive. There were the days where the most significant event was a bit sad. The comic also seems to document my different hairstyles.

I've considered putting these comics on the web. They aren't particularly personal, i.e. my parents have read them and it wasn't weird. They are more like a memory. Only two things stand in my way. 1. Having to scan 730 comics. 2. Having to decided on what format/color balance will need to be done to 730 comics. So, for now, you'll have to come over to visit me if you want to read them all.


Andi said...

This is such a cool project! A character in one of my favorite books/movies, Ghost World, kept a drawn diary. I've always wanted to try doing something like that. I like the structure to yours. It must be great to look back on old strips.

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea. Love the panels. I, too, got very bored by the seemingly pointless, boring projects in my college design classes.

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