Sunday, April 10, 2011

China Cross Processed

In summer of 2008 I visited China. It was a cultural exchange program done through the UC system. I visited Beijing, Xian, Chongqing, and Shanghai, which meant I got to see the Great Wall, the terra cotta warriors, among other places.

I only just developed this film a month or so ago. I forgot that I had even taken pictures of the Great Wall with my Holga. (There were only two pictures of China on that entire roll)
One fun fact about the Great Wall is that all the steps are uneven, which was done on purpose. It is really difficult to run up steps when they are all different sizes, which allowed there to be better defense of the wall. Let me tell you, it is a pain to walk up uneven steps. You have to look down, otherwise you end up tripping.

The film was Agfa slide film that I had cross processed.


A Lost Feather said...

oh boo, i thought i commented on this? well anyway! i love these.. so pretty.. and i had no idea about the stairs- smart!

yeah, film is so great.. i guess i stopped shooting film for a while because when i was in school it had to be perfect.. film with it's imperfections, or not. so now it's a lot less pressure and we can actually appreciate the flaws.

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