Thursday, April 14, 2011

Explosions In The Sky - A Song For Our Fathers

Explosions In The Sky is an instrumental band from Austin, Texas. And currently, I have their album, "How Strange, Innocence" on repeat.

I first found them while working at KDVS. As with all first time DJs, I had a graveyard shift. In my case, it was 2am-4am. It was important to have a stash of music to play in case the next DJ didn't show up. (I only had to use my "emergency music list" once.) Explosions In The Sky was my number 1 go to music. Partially because the songs were long, and partially because it kept me calm.

While all their albums are enjoyable, I particularly like "How Strange, Innocence" because it reminds me of laying in a field watching the clouds go by. The sense of peace the album brings is quite lovely on a stressful day. The album cover is rather appropriate.

A Song For Our Fathers is the first track off of the album. Although this song is a favorite, I highly recommend the entire album. A quick weigh in from my brother, a music major, on why I would like this song so much. He says that they layer independent music lines really well. Or in layman terms, It sounds pretty.

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A Lost Feather said...

i haven't heard of them.. i'll have to give them a try.. and i would FLIP if i was working until 4am and the next person didn't show up for their shift. heck no!

boo is doing much better this evening, thank you for your concern :) i can't believe scooter scratched his cornea! that is miserable!

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