Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Study On Cat Behavior

I did a little photo shoot with Brennan and Justin in the Black Cat Hat the other day. Initially the boys had a bit of trouble doing cat activities. They both said it was because, "Cats don't do anything."
Alas, poor Yarnick. (Full credit goes to Brennan for that pun)

I did the shoots separately. What was so funny about it is that both Justin and Brennan did the same thing. Observe exhibit A. Cats make funny faces while playing yarn.

Exhibit B. Cats have mad faces.

Exhibit C. Cats lick stuff.

Scooter joined in on the fun. I think he might be part cat.


Josephine said...

Nonono--Where is da cat burglar?! XDDD

Or, or, the classic "hissss" pose? With finger-claws fully extended! ;D

Scooter is loltastic--classic "cat pawing yarn ball" pose ftw! <3

Lindsey said...

The one of Justin licking his paw is by far the funniest.

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