Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Operation Sock Drawer

I've been listening to the Knitmore Girls Podcast and was inspired by their series called Operation Sock Drawer. The idea is to pump up your sock drawer with more socks. I don't actually have my socks in a drawer. I have them out in the open so I can enjoy them. They usually reside in my book case next to my sock pattern books.

From left to right, on the top row are 3 pairs of Velomeisters, Sleepy Hollow Socks, 2 pairs of Leyburns
Middle Row has TARDIS socks, Denature, Smaug socks, Free Bees, and 2 pairs of Any Gauge Ribbed Socks
Bottom row has Vanilla Latte, Skyp, Pomatomas, and the last two were knit for me by Tyler. They are Skew and Rivendell

It's taken me so long to post about the socks that I've actually finished another pair. Here is my We're All Mad In Here vanilla socks. I took extra care to get the stripes to line up well around the heel. (It required a lot of ripping and some really good notes to myself.)

Scooter decided to help out when I was taking pictures. He has an uncanny ability to walk into the frame when you are trying to take a picture.

I had brought out a little Cheshire Cat to add to the photo. Scooter decided that it was a comfy pillow. He's pretty silly. At the moment, he is asleep with his head on my foot and he is snoring.

I've already started my next pair of socks. This yarn is Vintage Christmas from Canon Hand Dyes. It will be another pair of vanilla socks. I'm hoping that I'll be able to finish the pair in time to wear on the 24th. It could happen, if I could stop being such a perfectionist about everything. I plan on wearing my Smaug socks on the 25th when we go see the second Hobbit movie.

Is anyone else working on their Operation Sock Drawer?


Alicia said...

I haven't gotten into podcasts yet but I really should. I love seeing all the socks laid out like that. And your Scooter reminds me of my Darwin with his uncanny abilities and love of knitwear. :)

Bethany said...

I like that you keep your socks out in the open. My poor socks are haphazardly crammed in with my less than pretty cotton socks. May be stealing your magazine holder idea.

A nice collection you are amassing!

Unknown said...

Always, I am more than addicted to sock knitting!! I need to work out a new way to store all of mine though, they have exploded!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you have been busy! I think we might have the same amount of socks now. At the moment, I have three pairs on the needles. One for my daughter, and two for me. I appear to be quite distracted by lace though... it might be a few more weeks before I have a nice new pair to add to the drawer. Very envious of your Christmas sock. Such great colours!

Anonymous said...

I was already planning to post about this! I always feel like I have a ton of socks, and then I realize that I always end up hand-washing between loads of laundry because I don't have quite enough everyday socks to see me through two weeks. 2014 is going to be all about socks for me.

You have excellent variety in your socks (colours and patterns). I noticed that other day that pretty much all my socks are shades of blue and green. I'm going to try and work in more colours next year.

Andi G said...

What a great idea. Like Bethany my socks are mingling amongst my store bought white socks. Seeing your lovely display makes me want to organize them a bit better.

Maryse said...

The Vintage Christmas colorway is gorgeous! Wow, I wish I had so many hand-knitted socks!

savannahchik said...

gorgeous socks and i love the new Christmas pair you have otn too.

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