Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Dad's birthday has come and gone, so he now has the sweater. I asked for a quick photo shoot today and we took only two pictures... total. One of the front.

And one of the back. I'm glad to have such an awesome Dad to knit for. (For the record, he is completely knit-worthy. Every knitted gift has been well used.)
The only mod I made to this pattern was to tack down the collar rather than install toggles. To help keep the tension off of one point in the collar, I tacked down both sides and across the top of where I wanted it to attach. The yarn is Naturally Mainlander Aran in color 862 and the pattern is Brownstone.

Meanwhile on the Canon Hand Dyes KAL front, I think I have finally nailed down a stockinette sock that fits. Usually my gauge is really loose. (Like a 56 stitch sock with size 0 needles loose.) I had noticed that my gauge has been tightening up recently (not sure why) so I cast on 60 stitches for the sock. I figured that would be enough ease. I knit the whole leg and turned the heel, started the gusset when I finally decided that it really was too tight, so rip, rip, rip. Then I cast on 64 stitches (much better), turned the heel, started the gusset, and decided that the stripes could match up a bit better, so rip, rip, rip. Then I put in the full gusset, and realized that I had reversed my preferred placement of the decreases. Rather than rip (because it was getting really old at this point) I dropped down and made all the k2togs into ssks and vice versa. I think I have finally got a sock that looks and fits great. Hopefully when i get to the second one, it goes a bit more smoothly. (Again, this is why I don't do two at a time socks.)

Has anyone else been ripping more than they've been knitting recently?


Anonymous said...

A Happy Belated birthday to your Dad! He looks very cool in his new sweater. :-)

I like your socks. The colour combination of the stripes is great! And as for ripping... sigh. I hope I've finally come to the end of mine! It does get very old after a while.

Jennifer said...

That's a great Dad Sweater! And those socks are awesome!!!

Alicia said...

That's a perfect guy sweater! I haven't been ripping much, more just stalling on projects that need thought and knitting on things that are straightforward instead. I LOVE the way that crazy yarn is knitting up.

Danette Bartelmay said...

Oh my gosh!!! It is just perfect!
Beautiful job Audry!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the way that yarn is striping! So excellent.

I totally hear you on the ripping. I got about four inches knit in the first of my dad's Christmas socks and decided they were coming out too big, so I ripped back and restarted. It's always worth it in the end, but when you're waffling (do I have enough done to judge the fit? Maybe I'll just keep going...) it feels risky.

That is the best dad sweater I've seen in a really long time.

Anonymous said...

::Raises hand:: Yep, I've been doing a lot of ripping, and less knitting. Hopefully that will change for my next project!
Beautiful sweater!

DKnits said...

What a perfect pullover! Your Dad is so lucky!
Love your self striping socks :)

Unknown said...

You're dad's sweater is awesome. The sock colors are very lovely. My version of two at a time is knitting bit by bit on two double pointed needle sets.

Love of Cuteness

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