Friday, December 13, 2013

Operation Christmas Tree

We have a Christmas tree! Why is this a big deal? Because this is the first tree I have ever had. Growing up, we didn't really do Christmas. No tree, no presents, no lights. I was ok with a lot of that, except for the tree part. I've always wanted a tree. Because we've never had a tree, we don't really have any ornaments, or more importantly, a tree topper. I have a collection of lights from when I used to run shows. It was a great way to light an area without it being too bright. And I talked my Dad into helping me string cranberries and popcorn. But since I'm a knitter, I decided to knit up the tree topper.

I used the Stjärna pattern as a starting point. But I made some mods to make it fit on top of the tree. The star is made in two halves, so I used Judy's Magic Cast On (Which I learned specifically for this project. It's a way easy cast on. I should have tried it out sooner.) After completing the first side of the star, I put 2 stitches before and 2 stitches after the original cast on on a stitch holder. Then I provisionally cast on 4 stitches to make up for the "missing" 4 stitches. After finishing the second side of the star, I stuffed it then picked up the 8 held stitches, plus 2 extra stitches on either side of the held stitches. 

I then knit a tube the length of the star. On the last round, I k2tog all the way around, then threaded the yarn through the remaining 5 stitches and cinched it tight.

The toughest part was shoving the tube into the star. I had pulled the yarn at the end of the tube into the star. If I had been a little wiser, I would have threaded the yarn at the end of the tube into the top of the star and used it to help me inside our the tube. Eventually I got it.

Tada! A star on top of the tree. (I did put a little plastic on top of the tree to keep sap from touching the yarn.) I've been enjoying it each night.
Even Scooter has his own stocking.

So does anyone else have any yarn/ knitting/ fiber craft decorations on their tree? Any suggestions? I've got a thread started up on the Bear Ears rav group and I'd love to see pictures or pattern suggestions.


Alicia said...

Awww, what a perfect topper for a sweet little tree!

Anonymous said...

I love this! We were big on homemade decorations when I was a kid, and they continue to be the bulk of the decorations of my parents' tree. I won't be in my apartment for Christmas, so we didn't get a tree, which I'm a bit sad about. There's something so festive and fun about decorating a tree (doubly so if you go to a Christmas tree farm and cut it down yourself!).

I've never knit an ornament, but you're making me think I should. There are some good ones for Fair Isle balls, and I've seen some cut little stocking and mitten ones. So fun.

Jennifer said...

I love your Christmas tree topper! What an ingenious way to modify that star pattern.

savannahchik said...

really cute! and i love the cranberries and popcorn too. you'd never know this is your first tree!

Anonymous said...

Lovely!! I share your sentiments on the tree. We never had Christmas as kids, but it's nice to be able to get the tree up and decorate it. In terms of decorations, I don't know if you remember Frankie Brown's advent ornaments from last year? They are soooo sweet. A friend knitted me several as gifts, and they make perfect Christmas tree decorations. The detailing in the patterns are extraordinary.

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