Sunday, April 8, 2012

Annual Shearing

Scooter got his annual haircut today. I only have energy for it once a year since it takes about 2 hours from start to finish. But he sure looks handsome now.
 I had to say the word "treat" in order to get him to look more interested in having his picture taken.

While I was washing him, Mum looked into the backyard and thought that he was still outside. The fur pile was about as big as he is when he curls up.

After being washed and walked, Scooter was still a bit wild, so we played a round of "Find The Treat In The Grass." For being nine and a half years old, he still has a lot of energy.


Anonymous said...

After she hit about 10, my yellow lab was in a constant state of shedding. The light fur always shows up, too :(

Anonymous said...

He still looks amazing. You've done a great job with his grooming!

K A said...

awww he looks like a spry 2 year old now!

Jennifer said...

What a cutie! And so handsome with his haircut.

Dinkyflowerpots said...

Ha ha!!! We play 'hunt the treat in the grass' with Syd too. We call it 'find the biscuit'! Is Scooter a border terrier?

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