Monday, April 30, 2012

Executive Decision

I'm closing in on the one year anniversary of my decision to make a book. Creating a book sounds easy in theory, but is ridiculously hard in practice. It took months to figure out a theme, to do all sorts of research, learn how to construct certain garments. (I wanted to put socks in my book, but didn't know much about sock construction, so I knit a lot of socks to practice.) And despite constantly working on the book, the goal of finishing kept moving further and further away from me. It came to a head last week when I could hardly pull myself out of bed due to stress related to the number of patterns in the book. So I have made an executive decision: there will be 10 patterns in the book rather than the original 12 I had intended.
Leftover yarn from design #7

The main reasons are:
1. I couldn't think of two more ideas that didn't seem forced.
2. I was becoming ill over trying to make two more designs.
3. No one really cares if there is 10 or 12 designs. I just need to get this book out.

After making that decision, I woke up the next day feeling happier than I had in the last 6 months. My creative mojo came back and I even went on a two hour bike ride, which is something I hadn't done since September. My goal of finishing seems so much closer now! In the last week I have finished knitting design #7. (I still have some pattern editing to do, so it isn't 100% done just yet.) And I started working on design #8. If I'm able to keep up the momentum, I should be able to being taking the photographs this summer.

A sneak peek of design #7

On a slightly separate note, I've been seriously considering writing up some photography e-courses that would have an emphasis on fiber/knitting, but would be applicable to any sort of product photography. Subjects that could be covered would be as follows: composition, lighting, color theory, use of props. Each subject would have in depth explanations paired with exercises. (And possibly a bit showing a comparison of cameras such as a dslr, point and shoot, and iphone, and what you can do with each) I've seen plenty of "use natural light" but very little of why and how to use light effectively. I want to be able to show the times of day in the same area and how you can use the light to your advantage. With the amount of work that would go into this, I'd want to sell it. But before I even go there, I thought I'd see if there was any interest.


Pumpkin said...

Firstly, I love that mojo is one of your tags for this post. I've been following you for only a little while, so I was clueless about this book. I'm seriously so impressed you are trying to publish a book, I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of work that must have to go into that. Don't be too hard on yourself, it is your first book, and you are right, no one is going to look and say "Hmmmm, there should really be two more patterns in here!" Good luck! Also, I would totally be interested in a photography resource. I've been trying to improve but haven't found any useful resources on the subject that aren't overly technical.

Jennifer said...

I would be VERY interested in a photography ecourse. You take such fantastic photos! I have read so many online tutorials about photography and I even have a book or two, but that's just not my best learning environment - - I need assignments and activities to practice specific skills. If I'm just bombarded by all of this information, I read it all with interest and then don't retain any of it. I even have a real DSLR camera but I seem to take better photos with my iPhone. Harumph!

I am also so excited about your book. If you need any test knitters, I might be available (MIGHT). And I think that's good to whittle the patterns down - - sometimes mental sanity is worth so much! And knitting design should be enjoyable, or rewarding and self-actualizing, or at least something that motivates you to get out of bed in the morning...when it is not enjoyable and is causing you to feel ill and not want to get out of bed, that is an issue.

Anonymous said...

Well done on your executive decision! 10 is still a very good number, and definitely much better for your sanity!

There's so much interest in photography these days. I wonder if Craftsy would host lessons with you??

spiderfiend said...

You are AMAZING! This post gave me so much inspiration to keep going creatively. Seriously, goose bumps! Thanks Audry.

Anonymous said...

You know, these are the simplest but most hard to come by decisions! You always feel a mixture of "duh" and epiphany when you make one.

peglegparadiddle said...

I'm glad you got your mojo back! I can't wait until you finish your book! Even, though I don't knit, I'll totally buy a copy!

AC said...

I'm really, really bad at taking pictures of my knitting. I'd be interested.

José said...

Good to hear you have your mojo back
and ten really is good to, isn't it ?
Especially as I think they'll be good ones. I mean, I know some books/magazines contain more patterns, but what use is that if half of them are things you'd never even consider knitting ? So you go girl !

Got a question though, for something different..
I noticed, and seen them elsewhere too, that you have those special blocking board ? Where do you get those and under what name are they sold ? Never seen them here in Netherlands and my LYS couldn't help me out either..

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