Monday, April 16, 2012

Well Read (2)

It's been awhile since I've recommended some blogs. But I think it's high time for me to do it again.

First I'm going to let you all know about one of my favorites. I came across kiwipurler's blog in 2010 when I was planning my yarn shop tour of New Zealand. She had yarn shop suggestions for the North and South Island. Both are a must-read if you plan on visiting NZ yarn shops. Or wool shops... people looked at me funny when I said "yarn shop".
Kiwipurler knits like the wind and uses NZ yarn almost exclusively. Be prepared to be jealous of her output and yarn choices.

Kiwiyarns Knits:
Pattern Design

I just came across Sarah's blog, Knit York City, and I'm in love. Her knits are so clever. I'm fond of the Hamburger Sweater and Crux Socks. I'd love to write up a pattern for the Crux Socks, but I'm not brave enough to ask just yet.

Knit York City:

Ivy's blog, Pumpkin Spins, is also pretty new to me. But I just love seeing everything she spins. I am impressed with how thin she can spin on her spindle (and the amount of patience she seems to possess). She recently came up with an insanely clever way of categorizing her yarn. I'm not even going to explain it. You should go check it out for yourself.

Pumpkin Spins:

And as always, if anyone has a fun blog or two they have read, let me know. (Even if it is your own or a  non knitting blog.)


Pumpkin said...

Oh, it was too sweet of you to feature my blog! I'm so glad that you enjoy it. I thoroughly enjoy your blog as well, but I think you already know that : )

Lesley said...

Thanks for posting these! I love finding new knitting & crochet blogs. :)

Kiwiyarns said...

You're far too kind. :) Your blog is right up there as one of my favourite reads too. I'm not sure if I've spoken about her recently, but Mia is a lovely blog to pop into too - she's also got a NZ connection.

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