Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Non Wish List

After finishing the Coastal Cardi, I realized I didn't have a good relaxing knit to work on anymore. Everything I have on the needles requires thinking. So I cast on a pair of Tardis socks. I've made them before, but now that I know more about sock sizing, I'm confidant that this pair will fit me.

In other news, my birthday is next week. In past years on the blog, I would post up a wish list. This year as I thought about what would be fun to put on the wish list, I came to two conclusions.
The first was that everything I could want would lead to me needing new things. (ie I'd like a new lens, but then I'd want to get a different camera body, which would lead to needing other bits) I was becoming unhappy over something imaginary. That seemed rather stupid to me.
The second conclusion is that I'm actually really happy with what I have. I have good health, plenty of yarn to knit with, friends (blog and real life) and Scooter. What more could a girl need? So this year there will be only one wish on the wish list. I wish to remember to be happy with what I have.


HK said...

Love the TARDIS socks!!

Nice birthday wish. Ain't that the truth. I felt like that on my birthday last year too.


p.s. I finally figured out how to get my browser to allow me to post comments!

Anonymous said...

I love that wish! So wise

WildflowerWool said...

That is a great wish and a great sock!

Anonymous said...

Your sock looks cute. You must tell us about the yarn!

I have a wish for your birthday: to have well-deserved success with your book.

José said...

Fab wish ! ( mind if I 'borrow' it ? )
And wishing you a grand birthday; may your wish come true :-)

AC said...

Your b-day wish = AWWWW

Maryse said...

I so agree with your conclusions ;-) I just learned about Whitney Houston death and thought that although she could have everything she wanted, maybe she did not have the simple things of life that we do like good friends and every day simple pleasures (like doing nothing, cooking, cleaning that I personally find quite therapeutic! and... yarn of course!) Happy birthday in advance! Just in case ;-)

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