Friday, February 24, 2012

Snazzy Beads

Today I got a package from Artbeads. I've never ordered from there before, but I was happily surprised with how quickly my beads showed up. It's such a snazzy site, I wasn't expecting to have such a nicely wrapped package either. But there you have it. A lovingly hand wrapped package.

I ordered some silver lined beads for a design that I'm super stoked about. This is possibly one of the most complex designs I've ever done... or even thought up. It's taken me a year to figure out how to graph it out and write it in a way that is easy to knit. But it's a large project, so it'll be awhile before it's done.

I also wanted to share a few articles that I came across this week.
Here's one about what makes wool organic. It's much more complex than I thought.
My buddy Alina wrote a really amazing article about the value of a woman. It touched me a bit deeper than I expected.
And an article on Design Sponge about marketing that I found inspirational. Turns out the writer lives in the same area as me. I wonder if we'll ever run into each other.

Tomorrow I'll be at Stitches West. I think I'll wear my Elven Hero hat. So if anyone happens to be there who reads this blog, look for the person with overly curly hair who smiles a bit too much when she's near yarn.

Oh, and thanks to everyone for the kind words about the video!


Anonymous said...

That looks it's going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see it.

I used to bead (although I know you got yours for knitting). My favourite site was this one: I think I was one of their VIPs! Until I rediscovered knitting.

BTW: Have nominated you for Versatile Blogger award... hope you don't mind.

Alina Sayre said...

Audry, you're lovely. I'm glad that you smile when you're around yarn :)

Yay, these beads look amazing! I can't wait to see how the secret project turns out. It's one of my favorites of your ideas.

Have fun at Stitches West!

peglegparadiddle said...

I love your elven hero hat! And I can't wait to see what you do with those beads!

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