Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh Dear, It's Colorwork Sock Sizing Time

I realized that I haven't really talked about my knitting in awhile. Probably because I hadn't much to show. But as usual, I have a bunch of things that all were finished around the same time. I also have some knitting disappointments to share too. We'll start with the bad news. The mitten is having some issues. I know this picture makes it look all dandy.

But in reality, my big worries about it being too big (which is was) has taken a complete 180. It is now too small! Usually I would just block something bigger, but in this case, the pattern is straining. It just isn't what I want. So this project is in time out until I decide whether I'm going to add 4, 6, or 8 more stitches back into the hand portion of the pattern. Of course the cuff threw me. The cuff fits just fine. Any feedback or encouragement would be very welcome at this point.

Now on to the good news. I finished my Rocky Coast cardi. As usual the shoulders are suspect, but the fit is really nice everywhere else. I wore it for a day deciding whether or not I'd block it, but in the end I thought the pattern might open up a bit. Of course SOMEBODY thought it would be a good place to sun himself. When I was taking pictures I told Scooter to sit. Usually he sits where he has been standing....

And last, but not least, some book news. I've finished design number five, which turned out pretty good. Actually, it's fantastic, but I'm a super picky person when it comes to my own designs, so I'm sure I'm just being overly critical. I've started work on design number six, which has been a tough one to work on. It is going to be a pair of socks with large amounts of colorwork and I'm having a little trouble deciding what gauge people might like to knit it in. Colorwork has less give, but I knit so loosely, it usually isn't an issue for me.

I'd like to ask all of you guys, what is the typical number of stitches you like in your socks. I typically cast on 60 stitches for mine. As a reference for these socks, I'm getting 8 stitches to the inch unstretched, but it stretches easily to 6 stitches to the inch. I know not everyone gets that kind of stretch with colorwork, so any advice or feedback on what you'd like to see in a colorwork sock would be super helpful. (or good websites to check out) I already know sizing is going to have to be done with gauge due to the nature of the design.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, your mittens are SUPER!! There is a whole lot of work in them, and it really shows. You must persevere.

Secondly, socks... I've finally worked out I like 60 sts for my socks too. However, for colourwork I'd be thinking a few more because it does have that tendency to pull in more than plain stocking stitch. I'm afraid I can't help with tips, except that this site came to mind: If you scroll down she has a whole heap of tips about sock knitting. I'm sure you already know about Wendy Johnson though.

Finally - good on you for staying with the book project. It takes so much discipline and dedication to work on something that large on your own. I admire you!


Anonymous said...

All of your knitting is beautiful. But as always, Scooter gets my first vote! And thanks for stopping by my blog for a recent visit... please do come again! :)

Anonymous said...

I am super late on this, which might make it useless, but I think it all comes down to the yarn. 100% merino has so much stretch that 60-64 stitches should be enough for more people. If you're recommending something less stretchy, maybe cast on with 68 or even 72 – whatever works best for your motif.

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