Monday, January 30, 2012


My birthday is coming up and I was informed by my knitting group that I am not suppose to buy any knitting related items until then. I agreed without hesitation. I have a few projects going on and have no need for anything, especially yarn. Then we got a new shipment of malabrigo at the shop. And I forgot I ever made that promise. All I could think about was getting some yarn. I'm not sure if I should be proud or ashamed that I managed to forget my promise in under 24 hours. I think I'll attribute it to "yarn amnesia" or yarnesia. I will renew my pledge to not buy anymore yarn until my birthday... unless the shipment of madelinetosh shows up.

In other news, I'm having difficulty with getting the right fit with my Rocky Coast Cardi. The shoulders are really wide, but I haven't put in the collar yet. After last nights knit and rip session with the arms, I've decided to put in the collar before the arms. I figure that if the collar doesn't make the cardigan stay up, I won't even need to bother with the arms. Of course when I brought out everything this afternoon, Scooter promptly decided that he knew the perfect place to lay down. Scooter's secret power is to get comfy in the most inconvenient place faster than you can blink. He's even using the freshly wound ball of yarn as a pillow.

I removed him from my sweater and he decided that laying on my pajamas would be an acceptable substitute.


Anonymous said...

That's so funny!! The yarn is gorgeous though.

Anonymous said...

I can never keep a no yarn purchase promise either! And I love the picture of Scooter. I have 3 poochies & 2 kitties that love to find their way into the softness of my yarn or my jammies.

AC said...

Aww, puppy.

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