Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Annual Goal List: 2011-2012 Edition

2011 was a year of new life direction and foundation building. I think that 2012 will be the year of building on the foundation of all the work I did in 2011.
Yesterday I did my knitting recap, today will be the Life recap.

I left my job at the wool mill mid-January and spent 6 months working on pattern designs before starting a new job at my local yarn shop.

I made wine for the fourth year in a row.

I was in charge of crafts at two weeks of camp. I came up with the craft program and put together everything for 180 kids. That's 5 days of different projects plus a service project craft. It was a big job, but worth every minute. (even if I whined a bit while doing the actually grunt work)

Here is a recap of last years goals.
Goals for 2011:
1. Spin enough yarn for a large project. (Sweater or Blanket) Then complete said project.
Status: Incomplete. But my life goals shifted a bit, so I forgive myself. I spent my time designing instead. But I still have some yarn spun up for that big project.
2. In the same vein, knit a sweater. I've tried multiple times, but I've never actually completed a sweater.
Status: Complete. I've actually knit three sweaters this year and am working on a fourth. Sweater knitting has become much less intimidating.
3. Visit the Bonneville Salt Flats.
Status: Changed. I went to Yosemite instead. I'd still like to visit Bonneville sometime, though.
4. Make another music video.
Status: Semi-complete. I have done most of the story boarding for the video done and the concept is pretty solid. I think this would move along a bit if I had an assistant to help me test out the lighting portion of my idea.
5. Own only one carload of stuff.
Status: A work in progress. Although I'm far from having only a carload of things, I did some serious downsizing. Most of the things I have I use regularly. And I'm still getting rid of things as I realize I'm not using them.
6. Make a miniature garden or terrarium.
Status: Incomplete. I never got to it and don't think I will. I'm ok with that.

Normally I'd be a bit miffed at myself for seeing all those incomplete goals, but some of the things I did in their place more than made up for it. I went to Yosemite instead of the Bonneville Salt Flats and I spent time designing knits instead of spinning yarn for a blanket. So even though some of my goals shifted, I still plan on making a goal list for 2012. Plus it's fun to see what happens and what doesn't.

Goals for 2012:
1. Finish designing and knitting the rest of the knits for my book. Figure out the next step in putting everything together.
2. Road trip somewhere. I'd like it if it was the southwest road trip I've been wanting to do, but anything would be fine.
3. Be able to bike up Highway 9 to Santa Cruz. I've seen serious bikers in lycra clothes and carbon fiber bikes going up there. I want to take my t-shirt wearing, commuter-bike riding butt up that way.
4. Knit a pair of sock with my own hand spun yarn.
5. Finally put up my daily comic site.
6. And one rollover from last year's list: Make that music video. Seriously.

What kinds of goals are you guys making? If you have a blog post about your goals, feel free to link me to that as well. I find people's goals really inspiring.

Also, I'd like to thank everyone who reads my blog and those who comment. You have no idea how much it means to me. Your interest in my little corner of the internet validates me.


Maryse said...

This year, my main goal is to reach serenity at work. I take it too seriously sometimes and I don't think it's good for me. Otherwise, my goal is to do my best all year long! I loved your list though. Very precise. Maybe an additional goal for me will be to build a more concrete list for next year. That will be interesting thinking about it. Sometimes, you're just too busy to think about your goals ;-)

Jennifer said...

Good luck on your goals! You seem much more organized than I. And might I sugggest Boise for that roadtrip? It's not the Southwest and maybe not the awesomest destination, but I am a fan. And totally ride your cruiser up to Santa Cruise!

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