Friday, November 25, 2011

Tradition, Tradition!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving for those of us in the States. Everyone has their own tradition. My brother and I have a long standing tradition that includes getting along for the day. My brother has made the turkey for six years now. He faithfully bastes it every half hour.

Scooter holds vigil near the oven.

In between basting, we play video games. The games change from year to year. Usually we'll hook up the Super Nintendo and play a round of Sunset Riders and Turtles In Time. But this year Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword came out. So we took turns playing that instead. (Actually, I let my brother play most the the day so I could get some knitting done.) I insisted that he wear proper adventuring gear, aka the Elven Hero hat. He protested, but didn't take it off. I think it improved his game play.

What kind of Thanksgiving traditions do you guys have?


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like you had a nice day with family.

I think you're on to something with that hat... I've seen a number of people now wearing hats looking very similar to yours (with the droopy point detail). I think you've got the length just right.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! My favorite "tradition" is waking up to the smells of toast and onions cooking in a vat of butter as my dad makes stuffing. He always tries to be quiet, for us late sleepers, but once I've smelled what's cooking I can't stay in bed!

Alina Sayre said...

This is great. Who knew that your brother would turn out to be le chef extraordinaire? I like that he wore your hat while gaming :)

This is the first Thanksgiving I've celebrated at my house in 4 years, so I'm still working on the whole tradition thing. Maybe some new ones are in the making :)

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