Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oma's Shawl

We last left off with me being bummed about my muddy shoe. Well, I actually didn't take pictures one of my days in Oregon. I was visiting with all sorts of family members I hadn't seen in awhile. I did remember to get a picture of my Oma the morning we left, though. Last year I made her a surprise shawl, the Cedar Leaf Shawlette, but had forgotten to take a picture. I remembered this year. She really looks good in it. 

My Oma is the reason I was inspired to learn to knit. She had made an amazing pair of mittens for my Mum. I aspire to be as good as her. (She doesn't knit anymore. She loves her gardening now.)
Oma has requested a cardigan. I'm plan on making it out of superwash wool so that she can just throw it in the washer, but I'm not sure what cardigan to make.  I thought about making a February Lady, but I figured the lace would need to be reblocked when it was washed. Now I'm kind of leaning towards a Deco. If anyone has any yarn and cardigan suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Something that is classic, but not boring, and will wash well.
In this picture, Mum said, "What if you took a picture of me doing this?" I took the picture. She shouldn't have said that if she didn't mean it.

After Mum and I left, we stopped in Weed. I got my jumping picture in front of Mt. Shasta. Note that the sweater now has a zipper in it. I put it in with my Aunt's machine. I'm super stoked it's done, especially now that the weather has turned cold. There will be more pictures of the sweater soon, courtesy of my brother.

As we continued south, Mum and I stopped by an old cemetery I had spotted by Arbuckle. It looked really neat and old.

I'm particularly fond of reading older gravestones. There is so much symbolism carved into them. And often you learn a little something about the town too.

Oma is one of the reasons I love visiting cemeteries. When she was a child, she and her friends would take buckets and brushes and clean up stones. When there were graves with no flowers, they would take some from graves with an overabundance of flowers and put a few on the neglected graves. Eventually the cemetery keeper hid to see who was cleaning the stones. Apparently my Oma and her friends spotted him and ran away, leaving their buckets, which they retrieved later.
Anyways, Oma enjoyed stopping by cemeteries whenever she passed by them, and that passed down from my Mum to me. I recall Oma taking me to a pioneer gravesite. The interesting one was where the person died from a bear attack.

After Arbuckle, we passed near Winters. I've never been to Winters, although I've meant to visit for awhile now. I heard there was a new yarn shop called Spin A Yarn. I didn't really know where it was in Winters, but assumed it was on Main Street. (It was.) I dashed in and found out that it was 10 minutes till closing time. I hurriedly found my prizes. A ball of sock weight Schoppel Wolle Zauberball in Fuchsienbeet and a copy of Interweave Knits Fall 2009 (50% off in the discount area!), which I'd been on the lookout for ever since I saw kiwipurler's Clasica Coat. Then we finished the drive home and got the biggest greeting from Scooter. He wasn't expecting me at the door.
Scooter insisted on being in the photo. I think he was claiming his dog pillow.


Anonymous said...

Your oma looks like a lovely person. I wish my grandmother was still alive. She was such an inspiration to me, and the one who taught me how to knit.

I love visiting graveyards too for the same reason as you.

What a great trip you had! I loved the image of your mum and aunt at sunset too. Just lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hello oma! She looks like a lovely person.

Paty G said...

What a lovely window into your trip with your mom, Audry! Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a fabulous trip (and I will be extra cautious when you have a camera in your hand!). Have you been to the Civil War section of the cemetery in our town??

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