Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thrift Store Score

I love going to the local thrift store. It is so much fun to see what someone has discarded or deemed worthless.
Behold. Today's score. An antique book in reasonable condition (it has all it's pages and the binding is still together - a bit weak, but still together). My guess is late 1800s, early 1900s. The textile is definitely something that recycled into a pillow case. Best guess, and Afghani embroidery. Total cost for both: $5

I found these a little while ago. ~Que Bond Music

When I got home with these my conversation with Brennan (my housemate) went something like this.
Me: Brennan, Brennan. I found the coolest thing at the thrift store today.
Brennan: This had better be the best thing ever.
Me: (unsure if Brennan would feel the same way about books as I do) I found the whole series of James Bond books.
Brennan: That IS the coolest thing ever.
Price of coolness: $6 for all of them (maybe $4. I can't remember)

I have a bit of an obsession with little candle or oil lamps. I have a hard time saying no. When I saw these I was sold. When I saw the price, I probably looked a little like Golem. Something about "My precioussss" Two oil lamps: $4 total

I also have a love for textiles. All the time an effort that is put into them. It disappoints me how undervalued textiles have become in western society. I blame the industrial revolution.

I can't help but buy embroideries. (The one on the bottom right is a Mola, from Panama or Colombia) Each were bought for $1-$6

At some point we needed pot holders for the house. $0.50- $1 each. I think I got a good deal one day and paid $1 for 3. When I saw the owl one, I could only see the feet. I thought it was a hamster.

I have a favorite thrift store out of state. It is so cool, I won't even mention which state in an effort to keep it to myself. I found this afghan for $1 there. Actually, it was a $1 a bag sale. I stuffed the afghan into the bag along with some books.

I've saved the best for last. At the same super secret store, I found this for $7. It fits my full size bed. The lady who sold it to me said her grandmother had made it and she remembered it from childhood. So the quilt is at least 50 years old. The picture will never do it justice. It has teddy bear fur all along the edges! Teddy bear fur! So warm and snuggly. Scooter agrees. It is all I can do to keep him and his fur off of it.


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