Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Andrea's Shawl

It is official. I have completed Andrea's Shawl. The pattern is by Kirsten Kapur and can be seen here. For all the things that could have gone wrong (I used thicker yarn than the pattern called for, I didn't swatch, I didn't know how much yarn I'd need), this shawl came out pretty well. The yarn is a mixture of Noro Retro and Wisdom Yarns Poems. I've raveled the project.

My coworker, the very lovely Marcail, modeled for me. I told her the pictures were very Wuthering Heights.

Today some ducks came by the house. I went out to feed them bread. Justin went in to grab the camera. As he came out, Scooter managed to scoot through the door. He ran after the ducks and scared them off. (Chasing ducks is a new bad habit of his) Luckily he came back after we called him. I was worried he would run into the street.

He seemed rather smug after the ducks flew away. Needless to say, there are no pictures of me feeding the ducks.
Who, me?


Anonymous said...

But, the Scooter pictures are so sweet!!!! I can live without the ducks.

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