Monday, May 17, 2010

Fiber Gifts and Ladybug Food

I have gotten much better at using a spinning wheel. Another thank-you to Kate. I spun up Koi, which was last seen in this post.

I have come into lots of fiber recently. A very lovely lady, Gayle S., who picked up her fiber order from the Mill on Friday gifted me some roving after I mentioned that I was pretty new to spinning. She let me pick out the color. I chose Springtime. It looked like an oil slick to me. It looks grey, but it has subtle shades of pink, yellow, and green in it. I spun it all the same day she gave it to me.

On Thursday I asked Jane about what happens to the big bags of waste fiber we have. The fiber is still in good condidtion, but it is too short to use in the machines. She said I could, "Help myself." I didn't need to be told twice. We had three big bags of fiber. I spent two hours (during which the roving frame was working fine) sorting through the bags to pick out the nicest fiber. I plan on sorting it by how soft it is, then spinning the colors up randomly.

My Lemon Verbena has come back for a second year in a row. I am always convinced that the dead-looking stick is never coming back, but it seems to like living. I spotted some aphids on it, so Justin helped me find a ladybug. Note that in the picture, the ladybug is shoving an aphid into its mouth. Go ladybug!

Scooter has been parked on the couch with me over the weekend. I caught some sort of cold. Who catches a cold in May? As long as I have my his favorite orange blanket nearby, he stays. Unless, of course, if there is something more interesting going on in the house. Then he jumps on my tummy and runs off barking. What a devoted little guy.


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