Tuesday, March 1, 2016

To My Husband On Our First Anniversary

Dearest Connor,
We did it! We made it a whole year. It was about right now when we said "I do." You asked me if given the chance, would I do it all over again. I can easily answer that there isn't a unit of time quick enough to describe how fast I'd say yes.
That time you taught me to sail in the Florida Keys. Your Mum kindly loaned me a loose shirt after I got burnt while kayaking... despite reapplying sunscreen.

In this last year we have had tough times with housing, car troubles, and illness. But we've also had amazing times with fun surprises, sharing hobbies (like knitting, snorkeling, and hiking), and traveling. You even earned yourself a new nickname: Mr. Bear Ears.
That time we went to Point Reyes for the day and did the Cowgirl Creamery cheese tour.

Speaking of traveling, did you know that since we've been married we have been to 4 states: Nevada, Arizona, Florida, and Oregon (twice). We've traveled all over California, too. Starting with the Honeymoon, we've been to Big Sur, Twin PeaksJoshua Tree/Salvation Mountain/Disneyland, Point Reyes, The Valley Of Fire/ Hoover Dam/ Las Vegas, Florida and the Keys, Fort Point, Angel Island, Shasta Caverns/ Crater Lake, Bumpass Hell and Mount Lassen, and Dunsmuir. I always said I wanted an adventure buddy. I can't believe how lucky I am to have gotten exactly what I had wished for.
I'll be honest, I chose this photo because I thought I looked good in it. Also, I really enjoyed this tour. I'm glad we made it just in time.

By the way, you win at being the best pirate this year. 
Can't get more pirate-y than by the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland

I woke up, wandered into the dining room and saw this. I was surprised. The card was really good. You earned tears. I also decided that I'll have to try harder to surprise you next year. 
Of course we all know that surprising you is an impossibility. I get too excited and I give you things early because I can't wait. 

Thank-you for this wonderful year, Connor. I'm glad I got to spend it with you.


Alina Sayre said...

Congratulations and happy anniversary, you two! Your wedding was really fun, and being friends with you is fun too :) Much love and many more years of happiness to you!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations! May you both have many wonderful adventures in the years to come.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! I can't believe it has been one whole year! Where has the time gone? I'm so happy that you found each other. May you have many, many, more happy adventures together in the years to come.x

Alicia said...

So sweet, congratulations to both of you! You deserve an excellent adventure buddy. <3

Elaine said...

<3 <3 :') Happy anniversary, you two!

Maryse said...


Monica said...

Beautiful post. Happy anniversary. Cheers to many, many, many more sweet anniversaries.

Wenni Donna said...

Congrats on your first anniversary and thanks for these photos! We got engaged last month and now planning to have a destination wedding. Going to reserve one of best Chicago wedding venues for our dream wedding ceremony.

Anonymous said...

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