Thursday, March 31, 2016

Social Media - How Many Frontiers?

Since I've started to paint more seriously, it's been difficult to decide the best way to show off what I'm up to. Honestly, it is really tempting not to show anything at all. I feel like such a beginner again. But after reading Austin Kleon's book, Show Your Work!, I know that I need to show the paintings. All of them. Even ones I can see mistakes in. (Which would be all of them. But I don't think any painter is truly satisfied... ever.)

I have determined that I don't want to show every painting on this blog. If feels a little spammy to me. So instead I've opened up a tumblr account and I've been posting my work there.

I'm still figuring out how this blog and instagram (my other haunt) will work in the grand scheme of things. Questions like how much cross posting do I want to do and how much time do I really want to spend online are being puzzled out.

How has everyone else decided what to share and where?


Danette Bartelmay said...

#1. I LOVE this painting... Well Done YOU...
#2. I'm right there with you Audry Girl... I've become addicted to Instagram as of late and have just very recently began a Facebook Business Page to coincide with my Etsy Shop because I recently joined my local Chamber of Commerce and they highly recommended the FB page thing... I'm getting almost TOO sucked in to the online side of things. My fingers want and NEED to knit and crochet ... Where or where do we draw the line?

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