Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Gotta Catch Them All

The kids next door lost their TV privileges last week, so knowing that they enjoyed art too, I showed them some things I worked on when I was their age. One of the kids has really taken to drawing and is writing a story about a kid brought up by two wolves. Not sure if that is representative of how he feels about his life....
Anyways I thought I'd share with you all what I shared with them. I made miniature Pokemon cards. I remember spending hours on this. Actually, during my childhood, all the neighborhood kids spent summers drawing comics and making miniatures.

Here's a detail shot. I used a 005 micron pen to draw the tiny lines.

We also made little medallions out of scraps from a hole puncher. Mum bought the finished medallions from us, but we had to give her 10 medallions per payment and there couldn't be any repeats. (Good one Mum. I'm sure you had the most peaceful summer when you thought of that.)
There are 109 face up medallions in this picture. We were quite industrious.

We had little jelly roll pens at the time, and boy did we use them.

The neighborhood kids also came together and made Pokemon badges out of clay that could be baked. We must have all had Gameboys with a Pokemon game and the usb link that let us battle each other at that time. If I'm remembering right, each kid pretended to be a gym leader and you had to beat them in order to earn the badge.

It's fun to see how into Pokemon we were. It inspired quite a bit of creativity.


Elisa Rocket said...

These are so great! Such detail. Around age 5 I created a set of comic cards for characters I made up, with skill levels and everything, but I'm worried I lost them after bringing them down to KDVS to scan.

Maryse said...

I can see you've had a lot of fun:)

Anonymous said...

That's crazy! :D So much detail in such tiny little objects! Just incredible. I bet the kids next door think you are the most awesome neighbour!

Anonymous said...

It's incredible how much details you have in all these! I used to be so into pokemon as well, I mostly spend time on coming up with and drawing new pokemon.

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