Friday, May 24, 2013

Time Traveller

Our last few days in New Zealand were spent in Auckland. There aren't too many photos because most of our time was spent taking care of family business and visiting old friends. Dad and I did take the ferry twice into Auckland. Both days were spent visiting a tall building with important people. (I was, at one point, very high up in the building with the weird halo over it.) Although there was business to attend to, I managed to visit every second hand bookstore in the area. 

The photo below and the photo above are of the same thing, just a different perspective.
We left Auckland around 8PM on the 24th.

We flew and flew and flew until day broke.

Thanks to the international dateline, the day was May 24th.

We landed around 12 noon on May 24th in San Francisco. So technically we landed in San Francisco before we left in Auckland. That part of travel always messes with me a bit.

After a bit of a nap, I was wide awake. So my brother and I went out to see Star Trek, which was loads of fun. And so ends my adventures in New Zealand. For now...


Pumpkin said...

You had such an amazing trip! I still cannot believe how much you guys did! Your family is so high energy! I hope you didn't buy too many books, it is getting so expensive to check luggage on the plane now. I am such a sucker for "over the wing" photos like those. I always snap one whenever I'm flying, sometimes when I see something particularly interesting while flying with my dad I'll open the window and stick my camera out for a shot.

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