Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today we had a long hike at Makara Beach Walkway. We started out far down at the beach. Then we walked up and up and up. Everytime we crested a hill, there was another hill, followed by a collective groan.

We passed by some sheep. (I've had a request for sheep photos, so here you go.) They looked like they were on the wrong side of the fence.

Eventually we reached the top where there were old gun emplacements left over from WWII. The unfenced in ones were full of sheep poo. There was also a nice bench up at the top. But a sheep had gotten on top of that and had a poo as well.

We ate lunch and enjoyed the view. There was a wind farm placed in a sheep farm. It is a well placed wind farm.  Chris' hat has disguised the gustiness pretty well, but as you can see from my hair, the wind whipped around us all.
Picture credit to Dad.

Eventually we walked down, down, down, to the beach. There were Paua shells littered all over. Many of them were only a touch smaller than my hand. And all the rocks on the beach were blue.

There were some tidal pools. Chris and I hopped along the rocks looking for treasures. I found a sea urchin that had recently died. It still had it's beak.

As we left, it became clear that the predicted storm was sweeping in. We stopped for a coffee before driving back home.


Anonymous said...

That was my old stomping ground. I still enjoy a walk up there. Great picture of the rain coming in!

Jennifer said...

OMG everything is so beautiful! And you always take such amazing photographs... thank you for sharing your adventures!

Pumpkin said...

Sheep poo everywhere! How do you know you aren't the ones fenced in by the sheep? Gorgeous, gorgeous country, I'm so glad you are able to explore it!

Unknown said...

The photos of your trip have had me sighing with envy all week. Hope you are having a fabulous time!

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