Friday, May 10, 2013

Middle Of Middle Earth

We survived a total of 26 hours of travel... and one shrieking child seated behind me on the 12 hour flight. Dad laughed. He felt that it was divine retribution for when I was little and shrieked for hours on a similar flight. Regardless, Dad and I have arrived safely in the Middle of Middle Earth. Or so it says on the outside of the Wellington airport.

Actually, both the Auckland airport and the Wellington airport are decked out in The Hobbit themed decorations at the moment. Auckland went with more of a dwarven theme.

Wellington went with a giant Gollum catching a giant fish.

We had a lovely lunch with Chris and his friends before we all went on a hike to the top of Mount Kaukau. Features include a TV transmitter and tremendous wind. It was so windy that sometimes I'd step forwards, but the wind pushed my foot back to where it had originally been. 

But the view was amazing. And it was nice to have a good leg stretch after such a long flight. 

As for knitting, the TSA didn't care about my needles. But as it turns out, I only knitted during layovers. I still managed to knit the entire leg of my first Sleepy Hollow Sock. Who knows. I might have a pair of socks at the end of the trip.


Unknown said...

I hope you love your trip to New Zealand, I look forward to seeing your view of NZ :)

Donnaj said...

Hey welcome to Wellington from a Wellingtonian how exciting for you to be here, pity about the weather.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous place to be and beautiful yarn to accompany! (that rhymed, not on purpose) Have fun on your trip, I look forward to more photos!

Jennifer said...

I'm so excited for you about your trip! I've always wanted to go to New Zealand.

Also, I've rarely succeeded in knitting on aeroplanes... too cramped for me.

Pumpkin said...

It is kind of annoying to knit while on the plane. I have a bad habit of accidentally elbowing the person unfortunate enough to have to sit next to me. I'm already completely fascinated by New Zealand from your experience. My father has a series of categorizations for people on airplanes including "screamers" and "yankers" (pulling on his seat back).

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