Thursday, December 30, 2010

Old Man Of The Mountain

The rain had been pretty heavy for awhile, but it cleared up for just long enough that I was able to go on a hike with my parents the other day.

We went to a place that was once an old orchard. It has long since been abandoned.

I didn't even know the trees still produced fruit until this hike. Mum picked up a couple apples and brought them home.

Mum and Dad were quite patient while I was taking pictures. (Dad is wearing one of my bear hats)

The hike has lots of downhill near the beginning, which means there is lots of uphill later on. I hardly noticed it. I just kept running from mushroom to mushroom all the way up.

Mum said it was the easiest hike she had done in awhile because there were so many stops on the way up.

The rain made several beautiful waterfalls.

And the old man of the mountain appeared.


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