Saturday, December 4, 2010

Catching A Black Lamb At Night

Last night at 10pm I heard a lamb while I was sitting in my room. It isn't unusual to hear lambs, but usually they don't baa incessantly at 10 at night. This could mean only one thing. The lamb ran down one side of the fence into the pasture and its mum was on the other side. So I did what any person about to go to bed would do. I ran out in the field to catch the lamb. There was a snag in this plan though. All the lambs that have been born in the last month have been black. I was now looking for quick, black lamb in complete darkness. Here is what catching a black lamb at night looks like.

Stupid thing was quicker than me. And skinnier. I managed to find a weak spot in the fence. I am not lamb-sized, so I got to walk the long way around. Eventually I was able to reunite the lamb and mum. Below is the little cutey I saved.
This is Odette and Copernicus. To the left is Diana, who is twenty days older than the twins

I also learned an important lesson. Sheep get stupider as they get older. The lambs are pretty smart. They are curious and they appear to like to learn. They seem to learn stupidity from their parents.

Bonus Picture. Here are Diana (front), and Eleanor.


Julia-Rose said...

haha awesome job audry! I hope to meet these babes one day...

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