Sunday, December 26, 2010


Have I mentioned how much fun I'm having with my fancy-pants camera?

I've been wanting to try taking shaped Bokeh picture for awhile now but, my camera just wasn't able to do it. Things are a bit different now.

I cut out a couple shapes into card stock and away I went.

Actually, it didn't start off so good. I read a bunch of tutorials that said I didn't have the right lens. (I'm using a 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 lens. They said that I would need a lens that would do f2.8 at least.) So my first picture came out like this.

After reading a bit more about Bokeh, I found that I had to have my lens at 135mm, it was alright if it was at f5.6. Just make sure the lights are out of focus.

And tada, fun for the whole family. Me and Bokeh are going to become great friends.


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