Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tremont Cemetery

The other day Justin and I went out to Tremont Cemetery.

I have to say, visiting old cemeteries is one of my favorite things to do. A certain sense of peace always fall over me.

I love seeing old, almost outdated names in hand carved marble headstones. The amount of time and detail put into each stone is nothing but impressive.

Even seeing stones that have bowed to time or vandals is fascinating.

I find myself calculating the age of everyone who has died. I always compare them with my own age.

The newest grave I could find was this one. Mrs. Florence Murphy lived to be 102. A whole 102 years old! In the ring, it says that Elmer and Florence were married Dec. 26th, 1923.

This particular graveyard had many German immigrant graves. I found myself wondering why the English words for Born and Died weren't more similar in spelling like the German Geboren and Gestorben.


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