Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lambies Pt. 2

Lamb escape! Don't worry. He didn't get out.

Five new lambs were born at the mill on Sunday. I happened to walk in the barn and noticed that there were a few more lambs than there should have been. One of the sheep had triplets. There are now two sets of triplets. Both sets have two black and and one white sheep.

Both sets have one male and two females.
The male white sheep

Both sets are adorable. I love watching the lambs suck on parts of their mom that isn't an udder. This particular lamb favors the inner thigh.
The great udder in the sky

I did end up seeing one lamb being born. One of the twins. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera. Jane came to the rescue and passed on this photo. We call it "Hanging Out".

Here the twin sisters are a day later. Their current names are Luna and Umbra. Umbra is a little hard to see. Luna looks like a true CVM (California Variegated Mutant) with the spots around her eyes.

And as always, Walter was keeping a close eye on me. He likes to make sure all his girls are ok. He also likes to butt people.


Anonymous said...

Such sweet little lambies!

Athena. said...

oh, they are lovely!
such adorable little creatures, ♥

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