Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spinning Lessons and New Born Lambs

I spent the last week knitting 4 hats and 3 headbands for farmer's market. It was such a relief to finish them all that I forgot to take pictures. Whoops. Here is a picture of a llama at the mill itching it's ear with it's hoof instead. I think that is much more interesting than pictures of hats.

I did recently get a lovely ball of yarn in the mail from Wolle's Yarn Creations. The colorway is Tropical. It is a 6-ply cotton.

I've decided to make a Citron shawl from it. And yes I know I haven't quite finished the Shipwreck Shawl. It'll be done just as soon as my blocking mats come in the mail.

Today I went to the mill for a spin-in. I bought a niddynoddy that was made from a recycled shair. After spinning wheel lessons I headed out to the barn to see my favorite little lambs. As I looked in I noticed that there was an extra lamb in the barn. As I went to get a closer look, I noticed another ewe who had three new lambs. Of course I had forgotten my camera at home. Soon it became apparent that the ewe with one lamb had one more on the way. I got to see a lamb being born! I hope to get some pictures from other people who were there.

Poor Scooter was left alone for a few hours while I was gone. He's been pretty sleepy recently, so I don't think he minded.


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