Monday, December 31, 2018

Creative Recap/ Annual Goal List 2018

Every year I've posted a creative recap separate from the the annual goal list. This year I'll be combining them.

This year I knitted a lot of socks. Up until December, it was only socks, but then I made a secret Christmas gift for Connor.

Connor and I visited Japan. It was amazing and exhausting.

Connor and I joined a comic drawing group and I drew a comic for their yearly anthology.
It was San Francisco themed. It can be found at

Goals for 2018:
1. Even though I'm making good progress, the United States quilt is a big job. I'd like to make a goal of having the embroidery in it finished this year. I'll consider it a bonus if I can get the patches on too.
Status: In progress. I did finish embroidering the lower 48 states and started embroidering the rest of the quilt. It's a big job. I'll get there, it just wasn't going to be this year.
2. Connor and I would like to buy a house this year. I'm not sure where that house will end up being, but hopefully the real estate classes I'm taking will help us in making that decision.
Status: In progress. We cannot afford a house where we live, but Connor's job is too good to leave. We are looking into buying rental property somewhere else instead.
3. I've realized that I find most of my validation in the praise I get for what I do. It's become clear how unhealthy that is for me. I'd like to be able to find healthier ways to feel validated that aren't so heavily based in comments and "likes." (I don't know what that will look like yet)
Status: In progress. While intellectually I've understood that real value comes from the relationships you have in your life, this is the first year I think I've really felt it. I still would like people to enjoy my work, but focusing on the relationships I have is also filling that need.
4. Visit a new-to-me state. There's a chance I might be seeing Louisiana, Virginia, and/or Texas this year. I hope at least one works out.
Status: Complete. Louisiana and Virginia didn't work out, but we saw Texas and Arkansas. I really liked Hot Springs Arkansas. I wouldn't mind visiting again one day.
5. Submit the Audry Without An E comic for an Ignatz award. I think it could be eligible for the Outstanding Online Comic Award. I don't think there is a chance I'd win, but it's hard to win at anything if you don't put yourself in the race.
Status: Complete. I did submit the comic. I didn't even make the nomination list. I'm proud I put my name in the hat anyways.

Goals for 2019:
I will always have goals, but they are less specific this year. Most of my goals have to do with different comics I would like to draw. I'm going to keep working away at them until they are done.

As the year has been coming to a close, I've been reflecting on what I want for the future. Some people choose to assign a word for the upcoming year and I've done that occasionally in the past. This year I've settled on the word "Joy." I want to do projects and see people that fill me with joy rather than with dread. That being said, I don't mean that I need to feel joy 24/7; there is sadness in life. But I also don't want to hang onto things that I really would be better off letting go. One of the things that I want to let go of is this blog. I've written it for nine years. It was a good nine years, but I no longer look forward to posting. It seems like this is a good time to end. However, I still will have a presence on the internet. I intend to continue posting on I still plan on posting the occasional thing on instagram on both @bear_ears (knitting content) and @audrynicklin (drawing content). I will also continue maintaining and providing pattern support for my knitting patterns.

In the coming year I plan to create a new website that connects all my different interests. When that happens, I'll leave a post here so you all can find me. In the least, I plan to leave the blog up for posterity. It was a good run. Thanks for joining me.


Elisa Rocket said...

Thank you for providing us with a look into your creative pursuits and adventures. I've enjoyed reading over the years, and I look forward to your comics in the future!

José said...

Having enjoyed reading your blog, I am a bit sad to see it stop, although I think it is a very good decision to do so if you don't enjoy it any more. I am curious to see how your new website will eventually turn out and hope it will be something you are very enthusiastic about. May your new year be filled with joy indeed !

jelam said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog for the past few years and am enjoying your daily comic now. Thanks for sharing yourself online!

Alicia said...

Goes to show how little I've been updating my blog, as well, that I'm just seeing this now. I think I may need to say goodbye, officially, too. <3 See you around the internet elsewhere!

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