Monday, November 26, 2018

Lit Knits + 1

As Christmas approaches, I'm getting ready to cast on another Deep Sea Wanderer cowl from Lit Knits. (It's been quite popular with my family members.) I know all you other knitters are working on/ panicking about what knits to knit. Here's a little something to make your decision making a little easier. If you buy a digital copy of Lit Knits, you can get another Bear Ears pattern for free. This includes other collections like From Pines To Pacific and A Midsummer's Night Knit. (This promotion does not include Celestarium as the pattern is currently under Twist Collective's control.) If you've already bought a digital copy of Lit Knits, add a pattern/collection to your basket and it should already be discounted.

If you choose to buy a hard copy of Lit Knits, post a picture of you with it on your instagram account, tag @bear_ears, and I'll drop a digital copy of Lit Knits and a free pattern in your ravelry account. Be sure to add your ravelry name and the pattern you'd like to have in the instagram post where you've tagged me so I can be sure to get it to the right account. I'll be doing this under the honor system.

The offer is good until Christmas Day, so if you were lucky enough to receive a copy of Lit Knits for Christmas, you can take advantage.

If you want a hard copy, there are signed copies available at Island Wools ready to be shipped.
There are also unsigned copies available at Amazon

Here's the step by step on how to take advantage of this promotion

If you are buying Lit Knits digitally without a hard copy, you can follow this link to add Lit Knits to your cart. Then press "view all available items"

Choose a second Bear Ears pattern or collection  (also labeled as Audry Nicklin Designs in the store) and add it to your cart.

The second pattern/collection should discount to 0, leaving the total for only Lit Knits. If it doesn't, something isn't right. (remember, Celestarium isn't part of the promotion)

You can also add Lit Knits to your cart either by going to the Bear-Ears ravelry store, then add a second pattern/ collection to your cart before checking out.


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