Thursday, March 15, 2018

Littlest Cowpoke

This past week was another wild one. A loved one had a few days stay at the hospital for a complication from a routine procedure. (All is well, thank goodness.)  It looks like I might be able to go up to Oregon to visit my Oma soon. An exam was delayed by two days. Connor is going back to Japan for business, but it looks like this time I might get to join him. All the ups and downs have left me worn out. Not much happen creatively except these cuties.

I've been doing my best to quickly make these little booties for my cousin and his fiancĂ©e's new little girl. I'm not really sure how quickly baby feet grow, so I really hope that their little girl is able to fit these. 
Embroidery scissors for scale

I'm happy these little booties are done. I've been re-reminded that crochet is not my strength. I ripped out and re-crocheted these so many times! But clearly it was worth it. They are so cute!  Both my parents squealed when they saw them.

Now all they need is a little cowpoke to fill them.


Klinger Creative said...

Oh my gosh those are sooooo cute!! I'm feeling you on the creativity thing. I've been so busy with work I'm behind on my crochet projects, postcard challenge and other side projects and I'm really missing them. I hope you're able to get time to do them and I also hope you get to go to Japan, it sounds so fun!!

Elaine said...

Very cute!!

Monica said...

super nice gift! hope you get some rest over the weekend! Japan sounds life a nice adventure. Crossing my fingers for the stars to align to get you on board :-)

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