Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Sock By Any Other Name

The last two weeks have been hard. There have been lots of positives, but there has also been an enormous amount of stress. I've been doing my best to ride it out and be kind to myself. Meanwhile I've continued knitting and, in an unusual turn of events, crocheting. I taught myself to crochet a year after I learn to knit. And while I feel ok at it, I don't actively search out patterns to use that skill. Of course it turns out that sometimes those patterns find me. 
My cousin just had a baby and I was trying to figure out a good gift when I came across the cutest bootie pattern. It's going to take me a few days to make these, but I managed to get past the soles with minimal fudging.

I also finished up my Rose By Any Other Name socks. When I mentioned them last I thought I would be finished with them by Valentines Day. Ha! I did finish them, but just before I cut the yarn to kitchener the toe, I counted the stitches. I was one off. Eventually I discovered that I had decreased an extra stitch at the beginning of the gusset and that because I was a whole stitch off for the entire foot, my second sock was a 1/2 inch longer than the first one due to me placing the toe decreases based on the stripe transition. Rip, rip, rip. Then the sock sat in time out while I kicked myself for not counting my stitches after finishing the gusset. I made sure to count multiple times when I knit the foot for the second time.
Vanilla socks in Canon Hand Dyes color way A Rose By Any Other Name

So now I am left with only one project on the needles, my Groovy Socks. I'm actually a little worried about finishing them because I have no idea what my next project should be. I have all sorts of design ideas floating around in my head, but not enough brain cells to devote to figuring them out. 
Groovy Socks in White Birch Fiber Arts color way Wild Thai Ryder

I know that a lot of knitters suffer from startitis. Has anyone had a case of anti-startitis? (Does anyone have a better name for anti-startitis for that matter?)


José said...

Sorry to hear about the ripping.. they turned out beautiful ! I can relate to ( in my case nearly neurotically, hahaha ) counting stitches after such a mistake...
I don't think I ever really suffer from startitis, mainly because I don't like to have too many projects on the needles, for I know that would make me feel like I never finish anything. How about casting on a nice vanilla sock for a next project ? That way you do have something on the needles and can have design ideas crystallize in your head while knitting..

Maryse said...

Pretty socks! Makes me want to cast on but I will be strong and finish my slippers and my daughter's pullover! Anti-startitis could be called willpower or realism because projects last way too long on the needles, so less is better!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed, only one project on the needles! That really sucks about having to reknit the entire foot though :( But at least now they are awesome and perfect!
Maybe the next thing to knit should be something relaxing, it sounds like you have a very stressful period going on right now. Something with lots of stockinette or garter stitch perhaps?

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