Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Yarn Fumes Are Strong At The Black Squirrel

Sigh... so I can't even go one post without buying more yarn. Connor and I had a lovely day out and decided to swing by a new-to-me yarn shop called The Black Squirrel. (I know, I know... usually shops with yarn have a funny name in regards to wool. Don't be fooled: there is a significant amount of yarn to be had in this shop.) The proprietor, Chase, had been an indie dyer herself, so she has decided to stock indie dyers in her shop.
Do I have a picture of the shop? No. I was overcome by yarn fumes. You just get to see pictures of my new acquisitions instead.

I'm going to need a scapegoat for my lack of self-control around yarn, so Woollen Wild, this is your fault. You made those gorgeous Wheatly Socks, so I just had to get a skein of Spun Right Round's Bug Jar. They had it... but then there were so many other skeins that I was tempted by.

There were two skeins of Spun Right Round's Merino Worsted in Holy Crow. Normally I could resist worsted weight yarn, and I would have if they had a skein of Holy Crow in sock weight. But then I thought to myself.... I could weave it. Do you see what I did right there? I bought yarn for weaving. I took up weaving to get rid of stash... not to increase it!

Then there was a skein of Nox Yarn in the color way She's Filled With Secrets. Could I have walked  away from it? Maybe if it wasn't sock weight and didn't have such a cool name.

So there you have it, I just shouldn't be allowed to go into a yarn shop if I plan on not buying anymore yarn, especially a shop as neat as Black Squirrel Fabrics.


Anonymous said...

How could you NOT lose control faced with all that gorgeous yarn!???

Anonymous said...

I am drooling all over my keyboard looking at these skeins! I'm not even going to apologise for enabling you because these skeins are GORGEOUS! I really want to see what you'll turn your skein of bug jar into! Any ideas already?

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