Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Perfect Toes On My Jaffa Socks

I just finished my Jaffa Socks! I bought the yarn while I was in New Zealand from Stray Cat Socks.

I used the Jaffa color way. But man, oh man, I could just keep knitting with all her yarn. It wears well, the color sticks, and it isn't splitty. There are so many colors I am tempted by. (Mostly the Halloween colors that are up at the moment. Le sigh.)

Also, after getting some excellent feedback from you all as well as my knit night friends, I went ahead and kept the orange stripe on the tip of the toe. I was able to get the second sock to match by knitting an extra half a round. It really was too perfect to rip out.

So what am I knitting now? Well, I've finally gotten back to working on Equatorial Nights for my Mum. She is leaving on a trip and I was hoping to finish it in time for her to take.

Of course I thought I had until next week, but actually she is leaving this week. Connor called this the "When you have one week to finish a two week project" face.

I'm making good progress, but it is going to be a close one.


Cindy said...

You go girl!

Anonymous said...

You always finish your socks so perfectly. :-) I must admit I succumbed to tempation on the Halloween colourways at Stray Cat Socks. Good luck with getting your mum's scarf finished!

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely socks, I've been eyeing the Stray Cat Socks yarn for a long time but the shipping costs are holding me back a bit. Maybe a good excuse to go and visit NZ? :D

Also, the face you are making in that picture is so relatable :D

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