Friday, December 11, 2015

And My Heart Grew Three Sizes

I used to be a Christmas Grinch. My family didn't celebrate, which was a point of pride and hurt. Other kids would look at me and wonder, "Why didn't Santa visit her house?" I was a pretty good kid. I always wanted a tree and at least one present, but not because I wanted a present. It was so I could write those wretched "What Did You Do For Christmas" papers we had to do in school. This is one from when I was 8 or so.

So to cope with a lack of writing material, I would spend time scoffing at everything that had to do with Christmas. That was until two years ago. 

Two years ago I had my very first tree. And I have to say, I'm hooked. Last year I joined Connor's family as we cut down the tree ourselves. But this year is the first year I've had my own household to take care of, so this is a special Christmas tree.
We have Christmas sloths!

I liked the way I had done my first Christmas tree, so Connor and I used lights, popcorn, and wooden beads made to look like cranberries. I don't want to collect and store very many ornaments, but I was fond of this cardinal. Turns out the cardinal is the Kentucky state bird. It matches my Kentucky husband.

I also found some felt mistletoe. Connor noticed it immediately when he got back home from work.

I've added little decorations here and there, and I'm so pleased with how our house is looking. And every time I go out to the store, I enjoy browsing the Christmas do-dads.

I still don't like Christmas music very much though. I think I'll just stick to the candles.


Anonymous said...

This is my favourite thing about building a life with someone: You get to choose your own traditions! That is an excellent looking tree :)

Anonymous said...

You have started your own excellent tradition. :-) Such a cute tree, and I love how it's in a little wagon!

Maryse said...

:) What's your favorite d├ęcoration now? Enjoy the holidays and Merry Christmas! I love it even better now with my daughter!

DKnits said...

What a sweet Christmas Tree Audry! You have started your own tradition :)

Alina Sayre said...

Pretty! I love the Radio Flyer :)

Alicia said...

OMG I WANT XMAS SLOTHS! Love your tree, but loved the glimpse into childhood even more. I hope you weren't too sad about it as a kid, because it's super adorable from an adult perspective.

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