Monday, December 14, 2015

The Gnomes Are Warm Now

This past Saturday Connor and I went on a yarn crawl. I needed a skein of Tosh Sock in Onyx to match a skein of Tosh Sock in Tart that I bought last week. So we battled traffic and drove to several far-away shops in search of the elusive skein.

At Avenue Yarns, formerly known as K2Tog, I found a skein of Hedgehog Fibers' Twist Sock in the Budgie color way. I'd been wanting to try out Hedgehog Fibers for awhile, but I don't really like to buy hand dyed yarns unseen, so when I saw this skein, I knew it had to be mine. I like Katalogi's Pucker, so I may have to dedicate this skein to my own pair of Pucker Socks.

Then we headed to A Verb For Keeping Warm where I saw some of Brooklyn Tweed's new line of yarn called Quarry. Connor and I discussed what color we might like to wear. We both like burgundies, so Hematite won. Then, with only and hour and a half left before Nine Rubies closed, we crossed our fingers and drove over. Traffic was heavy and we had to pay a bridge toll, but we made it with 20 minutes to spare. We rushed in to learn that they didn't have any Onyx!!! I had misunderstood what I saw on their website. As it turns out, their Black Friday sale had cleared them out. Ah well. I still have two tasty skeins to play with.

In other news, we don't own hats anymore. Sometime during the weekend, we both managed to misplace our hand knit hats. I think the house gnomes have stolen them. I hope they are warm now.


Alicia said...

Wow, those skeins are gorgeous! Looking forward to the Quarry knit up, especially. Also, how are you knitter who only owns one hat?! I must have a dozen for myself... selfish, selfish knitter that I am.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous yarn! And time to get to hat knitting, pronto!

Anonymous said...

I have been lucky enough to be gifted a couple of skeins of Hedgehog Fibres. Their colourways are lovely - as yours shows! The yarn wears very well too. Oh dear, no hats!? What a terrible excuse to knit more... :D Seriously, I hope they turn up soon. That is an inconvenience!

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