Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Shasta Caverns, Crater Lake, and Oma

As with many other people in the US, Connor had a three day weekend for Labor Day. We around different ideas until we realized that we could see Oma. Connor and I last saw her in January and I had hoped we could visit her again after we were married. Mum had said she wanted to go up, so quick arrangements were made with my aunt and uncle and away we went. Of course we thought we'd do some sightseeing on the way up. Mum and I had talked about going to the Shasta Caverns for some time and Mum thought this trip would be a perfect opportunity to finally go for it. 
You can see how bad the drought is here in California. The treeline is where the water ought to be.

After purchasing tickets we walked down a long and dusty path, got on a boat, and crossed Lake Shasta.

After disembarking we piled onto a bus and drove up and up and up.

The view was fantastic. It was hard to believe that we started out on the other side of the lake.

Then we toured the caves. Mum had been before as a child and she didn't mention that at the end of the tour you enter a large cavern called the Organ Room. It was breathtaking. Once upon a time it was used as an Oddfellows meeting spot, long before paths were cleared and tours were given. And honestly, if you saw the way people used to go in, it was obvious why it was a place for secret meetings.
Connor is wearing his new Angel Island shirt

We got in pretty late, so we didn't see Oma until the next day. As usual, we surprised her. Later on she told us she didn't want to change her shirt because our hugs were still on it.

After a nice visit with Oma, we decided to go to Crater Lake. Connor had seen it in a previous blog post and wanted to visit himself. The crowds were legendary, so Aunt Janet and my Mum told us to get out and enjoy ourselves while they looked for parking. As soon as he saw the lake, Connor exclaimed, "It's like I'm in your blog!"

We got a few more doodads for the future patch project. I already had a Crater Lake patch, so we got a magnet for the fridge instead.

Since the trip, we've taken it easy. After three straight weekends of fun and adventure, we decided to spend time playing Super Mario Sunshine instead. We'll probably keep playing until the urge of adventure is overwhelming once again.


Elaine said...

Looks like another fun adventure :D Also, I totally had a dream last night that I was buying you a patch! Not certain where I was, but I was thinking, "But she hasn't been here!" I decided to get it for you anyhow ;D It may have been Kauai.

Anonymous said...

The effect of the drought is incredible to see! And those caves look amazing, I should try and find my way into this part of the world some day. Your Oma is so cute :)

Alicia said...

Connor exclaimed, "It's like I'm in your blog!" <-- He knows the blog is his second home now, right? ;)

I love your adventure posts, you visit some amazing places! That lake is a striking visual of the effects of the drought out there, that's crazy.

And your Oma seems so sweet. :)

Andi G said...

It is always a treat when you share visits with your sweet Oma!
How brilliant you are to combine some amazing sites to yours and Connor's list.

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