Sunday, September 13, 2015

Monkeying Around

After a diligent bit of knitting, my Monkey Socks are done. I used White Birch Fiber Art's 80/20 merino nylon self striping yarn in the Sugarbush color way. I believe Lisa does special requests, so if she's out of something, go ahead and ask.

The joke at knit night is that I'm a little anal about my self striping yarn when it comes to socks. It has to match exactly or I'm driven nuts. I thought that it would be a challenge getting these ones to match., but I was pleasantly surprised that it only required mild adjustments to make my stripes exactly the same. On the second sock, I only did 10.5 of the 11 rounds of the 6th repeat before the heel. And when I reached the toe, I only needed two extra knit rounds before starting the decreases.

A big thank-you to Connor for not only suggesting we take sock pictures in the rocks, but took the pictures for me. To get this shot, I wasn't comfortable at all.

What we do for our sock pictures, right?
At the moment, Pente is the most worn sweater I have knit

In other sock-related news, I cast on for my Sock Lover's Socks. Connor helped me wind the skein of Patons Kroy in the Blue Stripe Ragg color way into a ball so I could see the color progression better. The dark blue doesn't show up against the dark grey, so I'm cutting that bit out.
Scooter got a bath, so he is nice and clean... for now


WildflowerWool said...

They are great pictures! I have to admit to not worrying if my socks match but yours are perfect!

Anonymous said...

The things we do for FO sock pics indeed :D It's always handy to have someone else take the pic, I've more than once nearly tipped over trying to take a picture of my feet whilst leaning forward. Great socks, the colours on this self striping yarn are so vivid!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I know your perfectionism well. :D Your socks are as usual, a quality number. I'm slightly annoyed that your approach has rubbed off on me - I ended up ripping back a heel and most of the gusset because the stripe wasn't perfect at the turn... sigh. They do look better as a result though!

Alicia said...

I love your socks, but I REALLY love the behind the scene shot! :)

Maryse said...

I'm having a good laugh! All that trouble to get good FO pictures :) Beautiful Monkeys! They are perfect!

DKnits said...

You Monkey Socks are great! I never really cared about matching (self) stripes, but I guess I'll have to join your perfect striping sequence club now that I saw your perfect monkeys.

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