Tuesday, July 7, 2015

White, White, Sheep!

So.... I've ordered different white yarn for my Sheep May Safety Graze socks. I eventually decided that I liked the Koigu better than the Madelinetosh. The camera doesn't seem to like to pick up how orange the Tosh is, but if it looked like it did in this picture, I would have gone with the Tosh instead. However, like Alicia very cleverly pointed out, the Koigu is a little thin against my handspun. I wasn't so clever as to heed her kind advice, so I knit a whole leg of a sock before ordering some Baah! La Jolla in La Perla in the great hopes that it will be the white I want in a slightly heavier fingering weight.
That's right. I've now bought 3 different whites for this 1 project.

Part of me wonders if I'm being too picky, but I have good reasons to buy different yarn.
1. It took forever to spin the Enchanted and I will wear the socks for much longer than the 4 days I spent on knitting it.
2. I just don't like how clearly the handspun shows through the white when I put on the sock.
3. I can get the sock on, but it is just a touch too tight.

I've decided that all the knitting wasn't a waste because helped me to decide how I might want to spin my next Greenwood Fiberworks project: Cider House. With the Enchanted, I spun a 3-ply where two of the plies were the full length of the roving while the third ply was separated further to give the yarn a subtle fractal look. I liked how I spun it, but I want to spin a 3-ply that is not spun as a fractal this time around.

Meanwhile, because I still only have one project on the needles and it is the rather complicated Onopordum, I cast on a new sock out of White Birch Fiber Arts in the Sugarbush color way. Of course I'm undecided on what pattern to do. I'm between doing a pair of Monkey socks or Groovy Socks. The cuff will work for both. I think it will be easier to have the two socks match in stripes with Groovy Socks since it is a 2 round repeat, but really, I want to knit Monkeys.


HK said...

Those sheep are so cute!!

WildflowerWool said...

Oh my gosh, I love the colour work socks! You are right to find the best yarn to knit with even if you have to start over.

Alicia said...

Oh dear, those sheep socks are a labor of love but they're going to be super gorgeous. Your handspun looks amazing. Knit some monkeys! They're fun, and everybody's doing it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Monkeys are very fun, but they will definitely interrupt your stripes by moving them around. If you want matchier socks, Groovy might be a better choice. In that colourway though, I doubt you can really go wrong.

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! I do love how your socks have turned out though - hopefully the new white will do the trick. And isn't it funny how we need to cast on another sock as a brain rester. My type of knitter! :-) I would go for the Monkeys personally.

DKnits said...

Monkey socks look great whatever yarn you use in my opinion.
I can't wait to see your sheep socks finished :) They are going to be amazing!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with getting the combination of yarns just right in a stranded colourwork project. This also very much reminded me that I also started knitting these socks somewhere last year and I very much should pick this project up again!

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