Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Small Talk With Tangey And Scooter

Mum told me the other day that she kept forgetting to bring her phone to take pictures of Tangey when he would come over to say hi to Scooter. I've gotten pictures before, but this time I got them from their point of view. I wonder what they say to each other.

Tangey: Hi Scooter. What's been going on with you?
Scooter: I got my hair cut the other day. Audry did a much better job this year. Last year the vet laughed at me.

Scooter: Mmm... tuna breath.
Tangey: Smells like you still get the same old dry dog food.

Scooter: I wish I cou..... What's this wonderful smell?
Tangey: I guess I'll see you later then.


Alina Sayre said...

I like the eye-level photos. Cute :)

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